Portobello, the trick is the taste


Eurochamp markets the widest range of Portobello mushrooms (Agaricus brunnescens). Portobello are cultivated button mushrooms with a bolder, more robust taste. This variety is distinguished by the brown color of the cap and a slightly firmer texture.

Portobello mushrooms one of the heartiest mushroom varieties with the most robust umami flavor. They can replace the traditional whites in any recipe. But as their intensity increases when cooked, they are perfect as an ingredient that brings balance and lightness to the heartiest recipes.

At Eurochamp we offer our Portobellos both whole and sliced, in any of the usual market formats. Our offer also includes mushrooms from organic farming with EU certification.

Whole and sliced Portobello:

  • Ingredients: mushrooms, water, salt and acidity corrector: citric acid.
  • Whole in various closed cap diameters: 10-50 mm.
  • Rolled mushrooms with maximum cap size of 65 mm and slice thickness between 3-5 mm (+/- 1 mm).
  • Physical-chemical properties of the cooked product:
  • Salt content: 0.30-1.20% / pH level: 4.5-5.8 / SO2:

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